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GoProxy x Hidemyacc: A Powerful Partnership for Online Privacy

Post Time: 2023-12-14 Update Time: 2024-04-28


GoProxy is always focusing on how to strengthen our users' privacy and security. That's why we are excited to have Hidemyacc, a user-friendly antidetect browser brand, to be our partner, which means we will give our users a better private online surfing environment.

As the leading provider of proxy IPs, GoProxy masks users' locations and disguises internet activity via our global network of residential and datacenter exit nodes. However, there are still risks of being identified through digital fingerprints.

That's where Hidemyacc comes in. Their state-of-the-art browser randomizes and rotates hundreds of fingerprint vectors such as fonts, plugins, screen data and more. This constantly alters a user's digital profile to blend in with other online users.

By integrating Hidemyacc's anti-fingerprinting technology directly into our proxy network infrastructure, we've taken privacy to the next level. Now GoProxy users gain dual protection - their IP addresses and locations remain hidden through our proxies, while digital fingerprints are randomized to prevent identification.

This powerful combination eliminates both the network traces and device fingerprints that can compromise anonymity. Users can browse privately on any device without threats from IP tracking or fingerprinting.

What is browser fingerprinting?

browser fingerprinting

These days, it's getting harder and harder to stay anonymous when exploring the internet. Many people might be unaware that a technology called "browser fingerprinting" is being used to precisely track their internet behavior. This digital technique uses a variety of features and traits from your web browser to build a personalized profile of your device. This allows websites to monitor your online activities on several platforms, even if you want to stay anonymous.

Websites utilize a technique called browser fingerprinting, often referred to as device fingerprinting, to gather data about your device and web browser. Your operating system, device type, browser version, screen resolution, time zone, preferred language, installed plugins, and other browser settings are all included in this data. Websites may identify and monitor you when you surf the web by combining these attributes to produce a unique fingerprint for your browser.

How Does Browser Fingerprinting Work?

When you visit a website, the website's server sends your browser a set of instructions, including code that collects information about your browser and device. This code, usually written in JavaScript, gathers various attributes of your browser and device and sends them back to the website's server. The website then combines this information to create your unique fingerprint.

Browser fingerprinting does not require any cookies or other tracking technologies, making it a more stealthy way to track users. Because the fingerprint is based on your browser and device attributes, it can persist even if you delete your cookies or use private browsing modes.

How to Protect Yourself?

Protecting yourself from browser fingerprinting can be difficult, as it is a passive tracking method that does not rely on traditional tracking technologies. However, there are some steps you can take to minimize your fingerprint:

Use Browser Extensions

There are several browser extensions available that can help protect your privacy by blocking or spoofing browser fingerprinting techniques.

Regularly Clear Your Browser

Data While this won't prevent fingerprinting, regularly clearing your browser data can help reduce the amount of information websites can collect about you.

Use Antidetect browser

Antidetect browsers come into play as powerful tools designed to prevent Browser Fingerprinting, ensuring your online identity remains secure and private.

Such as Hidemyacc, The Marco browser in Hidemyacc incorporates cutting-edge technology, allowing it to effectively bypass web checks that scrutinize browser fingerprints.

It uses advanced technologies to change various aspects of your digital fingerprint, including your user agent, device type, operating system, screen resolution, and other details that can be used to identify and track your online activity. From that, allows you to create thousands of accounts and keep them all safe!

Prevent Browser Fingerprinting with Hidemyacc

In today's digital world, maintaining privacy and security online is paramount. With Hidemyacc, you can take control of your online presence like never before. Hidemyacc offers a range of features that set it apart from other privacy tools, making it a valuable asset for anyone concerned about their online privacy.

Hidemyacc helps users set up a fresh environment for managing and growing numerous accounts, including social media, advertising, and website accounts. In addition to creating several profiles, you may modify the browser fingerprint settings for each profile, including User Agent, Canvas Fingerprint, WebGL, DOM, WebRTC, Timezone, Language, Screen Resolution, Font, etc.

Outstanding features of Hidemyacc



Unlimited Parameters

Hidemyacc allows you to customize browser fingerprint parameters without any limits. This unique feature ensures that your online activities remain as anonymous and secure as possible.

Unique Browser

Fingerprint Hidemyacc's cutting-edge technology ensures that your browser fingerprint is as authentic as that of a real user. This makes it virtually impossible for websites to track or identify you based on your browser fingerprint.

High Scores on Creepjs, Pixelscan, Browserleaks

Hidemyacc consistently receives high scores on popular browser fingerprinting detection tools like Creepjs, Pixelscan, and Browserleaks.

Marco Browser

Hidemyacc's Marco browser is specially designed to bypass web checks that scrutinize browser fingerprints, such as IPhey or Pixelscan.

Continual Updates

Hidemyacc's database is continually updated to stay synchronized with the latest configurations and settings prevalent in the market. This ensures that you always have access to the most up-to-date privacy protection.

Additional Features

In addition to changing browser fingerprint parameters, Hidemyacc offers a range of additional features, including:

Sharing Permissions: Share profiles and folders without sharing passwords, ensuring secure collaboration.

Proxy Management: Efficiently manage proxies to enhance your online security.

Automation Scripts: Create automation scripts with multiple options, including recording actual actions on websites and drag-and-drop functionality for existing commands.

Proxy Store: Access discounted proxies from reputable providers through the Proxy Store, further enhancing your online privacy.

The Pricing of Hidemyacc

Hidemyacc extends flexibility with 05 pricing packages designed to cater to your needs. When purchasing yearly plans, you will get a 50% discount, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term users. It also provides users with 7 days free trial, which is friendly to users. Under that circumstances, users can test all the functions and make their wise decisions.

standard premium

How to use GoProxy in Hidemyacc?

Step 1: Login in the GoProxy Dashboard.

use-step1 Step 2: Click "Residential Proxies">"Username:Password Authentication""Endpoint generator" > Select "Session Type" and set "Sticky time" > Set "Location" > Set "Numbers of proxies" > Choose "Generate".


Step 3: You will get a code like this "customer-hobo840192:[email protected]:32213". The letters before ":" are your username, like customer-hobo840192. The letters after ":" but before "@" are your password. use-step3 Step 4: Download, install, and log in to your Hidemyacc account. use-step-4

Step 5: Click the Proxy Manager button and choose the "Add Proxy" section; use-step-5

Step 6: Please pay attention to the proxy format, it should be IP:Port:Username:Password, while in GoProxy, the output format is Username:Password@IP:Port. use-step-6

Step 7: If your proxy manager has shown the proxy you configure and mark the "Proxy Status" as "Ready", which means everything is great. Now you can start!

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