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How to Set Up a Proxy in NstBrowser: A Step-by-Step Guide

Post Time: 2024-03-15 Update Time: 2024-07-05

What Is NstBrowser?

NstBrowser, an all-in-one browser, is a cutting-edge anti-detect browser designed for professionals creating and generating real browser fingerprints, providing users with an independent fingerprint browser isolation Profiles, completing work by accessing target websites through real independent browsers. Compatible with Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium, it integrates proxy management and unlocking technologies for a seamless experience. It enhances users' online experience by offering:


Streamlined Multi-Account Management

  • Batch Profile Creation: Effortlessly set up numerous profiles at once, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Independent Browser Fingerprints: NstBrowser automatically generates unique fingerprints for each profile, ensuring they appear as entirely separate users to websites.
  • Seamless Multi-Window Sync: Synchronize browsing activity across different profiles within the same browser window, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Powerful Automation Capabilities

  • Custom Script Creation and Marketplace: Build your own automation scripts to streamline repetitive tasks or access a marketplace of pre-made scripts for a wide range of functionalities.
  • Robust API Integration: Leverage NstBrowser's functionalities through its well-documented API, enabling developers to integrate automation into existing workflows.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

  • Granular Employee Management: Manage user access and permissions for a secure and collaborative work environment.
  • Multi-User Support: NstBrowser seamlessly facilitates collaborative use across multiple team members.

Broad Proxy Compatibility

  • Integrate with Mainstream Proxies: NstBrowser works seamlessly with various proxy services to further anonymize your online activity.


Why Do You Need NstBrowser?

NstBrowser goes way beyond just managing multiple accounts. Imagine it as your secret weapon for conquering the online world, with superpowers tailored to different professions:

Social Media Command Center

Take Sarah, a social media manager at a growing agency. She handles hundreds of client accounts across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With NstBrowser, Sarah can create separate profiles for each client, all operating smoothly from a single interface. This eliminates the need to switch between browsers or devices. Consistent browser fingerprints for each profile reduce login verifications and account blocks, allowing Sarah to manage her clients' accounts efficiently and effortlessly.

Ecommerce Marketer

John, an e-commerce guru, knows diversification is key. NstBrowser lets him create independent profiles on Amazon, eBay, and his payment processor, each with a unique identity. No more worrying about getting flagged for having too many accounts under one roof. This keeps John safe and allows him to maximize his sales potential. Plus, NstBrowser lets him manage his social media and ad campaign accounts seamlessly, reaching a wider audience than ever before.


How to Set up a Proxy in NstBrowser?

Preparation 1: Download and Install NstBrowser for FREE

Go to the official NstBrowser website and download the package compatible with your device and system. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the software installation.

Download NstBrowser

Preparation 2: Create a NstBrowser Account

Open the downloaded app and sign in. If you don't have an account yet, sign up for a free one.

Create a NstBrowser Account

Step 1: Create a New Profile

Within the NstBrowser interface, locate the "Profiles" section and click "Create Profile."

Create a New Profile

Step 2: Configure Proxy Settings

  • Click on the "Proxy" tab.
  • Under "Proxy Setting," choose "Custom."
  • Under "Proxy Type," choose "Custom" again.

Configure Proxy Settings

Step 3: Enter Your Proxy Details

Enter your proxy credentials you get from GoProxy. Include:

  • Proxy Host (address)
  • Proxy Port (number)
  • Username
  • Password

The format for entering these details usually looks like protocoltype://IP:Port:username:password. For example, a SOCKS5 proxy might look like socks5://

Input each detail into the corresponding field in NstBrowser's proxy settings

.Enter Your Proxy Details

Step 4: : Test Your Connection

Click the "Check Proxy" button. If successful, NstBrowser will display your new IP address and the proxy's location.

Check Proxy Success

Step 5: : Save and Launch

If you're content with the test results, then don't forget to click "Create Profile" to save your settings.

Create Profile

Finally, you can now launch the browser associated with this profile by selecting "Launch".

Launch the Browser

Congratulations! You've now set up a proxy in NstBrowser.


NstBrowser Profiles: Free vs. Paid Options

NstBrowser offers two subscription plans with different profile limitations:

Free Professional Plan

  • This is the default plan for all users.
  • You can create an unlimited number of profiles.
  • There is no limit to the number of teams or team members you can create.
  • However, you are limited to 1000 profile launches per day. This means you can only open and use 1000 NstBrowser profiles with a proxy in a 24-hour period.

Enterprise Subscriptions (Starting at $179 per month)

  • Upgrade your plan for unlimited profile launches. This means you can open and use as many NstBrowser profiles with a proxy as you need, without any daily limits.
  • You also get unlimited profiles, teams, and team members. This allows you to manage a large number of browsing sessions and user accounts.


FAQ: Why Can't I Get My Proxy to Work in NstBrowser?

Trying to set up a proxy in NstBrowser but running into issues? Here are some common culprits to check:

Double-check your proxy details

This includes the IP address, port number, and username and password. Make sure everything is typed in correctly, including any colons (":") or periods (".").

Is your internet connection working?

A bad internet connection can prevent your proxy from working properly. Try opening a website directly in your browser without the proxy to see if it loads.

Is the proxy server down?

Sometimes, the issue might be on the proxy server's end. You can try contacting your proxy provider to check their status.

Browser fingerprint conflict (rare)

In rare cases, a conflict between your browser fingerprint and the proxy can cause problems. Check NstBrowser's support resources or contact their help desk for troubleshooting tips specific to this issue.

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