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How can I scrape email from Instagram by niche?

In the world of digital marketing, email remains a powerful tool for reaching and engaging with your audience. Scraping email addresses from Instagram by niche is a powerful strategy for targeted marketing, but it comes with complexities.

How do you extract email addresses from Instagram, especially within a specific niche? In this guide, we will explore the tools and techniques for scraping emails from Instagram safely and ethically.

What is Email Scraping?

Email scraping is the process of using automated tools and techniques to extract email addresses from various online sources such as websites, online directories, and social media platforms. The goal is to build a comprehensive list of potential leads for email marketing and sales prospecting.

Before Scraping : 1. Understanding Your Target Audience by niche

A niche audience is a specific, well-defined subgroup within a business's main target audience that has unique wants, needs, and interests. Niche audiences are typically smaller in size compared to the broader market, yet they can be highly profitable when accurately targeted.

Defining and identifying your niche audience is crucial for effectively scraping emails on Instagram. Understanding the unique needs, interests, and behavior patterns of your target audience will help you pinpoint them more accurately and implement more effective scraping strategies.

Defining and Identifying Your Niche Audience

- Deeply analyze your current customer base and feedback: This will help you understand which segment of customers is most valuable and what they value most, thereby defining your niche market.

- Research your competitors: Look at where they are focusing and where there might be gaps in service. This can help discover underserved niche markets.

- Use data and market research to create detailed personas: Include their demographic characteristics, interests, pain points, and preferred communication channels.

Before Scraping : 2. Building Your Target User List on Instagram

Define Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for Instagram

- Analyze your current best followers and engagements to identify common characteristics, such as interests, hashtags they use, accounts they follow, and the type of content they interact with.

- Utilize this information to create a detailed profile of your ideal customer on Instagram, focusing on the types of content and Instagram accounts your business is best suited to serve.

- Prioritize your list by engaging with accounts based on factors like engagement rate, follower count (indicative of influence), and relevance to your niche.

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Research and Gather Data on Target Instagram Accounts

- Collect detailed information on each target account, focusing on the content they engage with, their pain points as expressed in comments or content, buying behaviors indicated by interactions with brands, and solutions they are currently engaging with.

- Develop detailed Instagram personas that represent your target audience’s preferences on the platform, including their favorite types of content, hashtags, and Instagram communities.

- Use these personas to guide your Instagram marketing messaging, content creation, and outreach strategies, ensuring they are highly tailored to the audience's preferences and behaviors.

How to Scrape Email Addresses on Instagram?

Choose the BSET IP Proxies

To enhance your email scraping efforts, consider integrating your scraping tools with IP proxies. IP proxies play a crucial role in the process of scraping email addresses from Instagram. These proxies act as intermediaries between your computer and the Instagram server, masking your IP address and allowing you to scrape data anonymously.

By rotating IP addresses, proxies help avoid detection and prevent being blocked by Instagram's anti-scraping mechanisms. Additionally, IP proxies provide access to geographically restricted content, enabling you to scrape email addresses from different regions or niches. If you're looking for a reliable IP proxy service, consider GoProxy.

With a vast network of over 90 million fastest IPs spanning 200+ countries, GoProxy provides users with a robust solution and extensive geo-location coverage for their data scraping needs. Users can easily change their network identity through it, thereby avoiding being recognized and restricted by the target server when scraping email addresses.

Besides, GoProxy maintains exceptional quality with an impressive success rate of 99.96%. In the process of scraping email addresses, speed and stability are of paramount importance. GoProxy's high-performance proxy server can ensure that users enjoy fast and uninterrupted service in the process of data fetching, thereby improving work efficiency.

Furthermore, GoProxy's price is very competitive. It offers a variety of pricing schemes to meet the needs of different users. Commencing at a mere 1GB, their pricing plans boast a minimum unit price of $1.5 per gigabyte. Whether individuals or businesses, users can select the most suitable service package based on their financial constraints and operational necessities.

Make sure to follow Instagram's terms of service and respect users' privacy while scraping emails.

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Choose the BEST Scraping Tools

There are several tools and techniques available for scraping email addresses on Instagram. Some popular tools include IGLeads, ScraperAPI, and ScrapingBee. These tools allow you to extract email addresses from Instagram profiles, posts, and comments.


Considered the best overall Instagram email extractor tool. It is a comprehensive, web-based platform that simplifies the process of finding and exporting email addresses from Instagram profiles directly into a CSV file.

Bright Data

Recommended for scraping large amounts of email data from Instagram. It is a powerful tool that can extract various data points like URLs, bios, business emails, phone numbers, and more from Instagram profiles.


An Instagram email scraper that offers a range of bots to extract data and perform actions on social media platforms, including Instagram.


A versatile web scraping tool that provides a free plan for those just starting with scraping, making it a good option to try out before committing to a paid plan.


A reliable and effective Instagram email scraper that is known for its speed and compatibility with the latest version of Chrome. It also offers assistance with rotating proxies.

Choose the BEST Python Library

The best programming language for scraping emails from Instagram is Python, which can be used with libraries like BeautifulSoup and Selenium. These libraries are specifically designed for advanced scraping tasks on Instagram.


A popular Python library that can be used to scrape various data points from Instagram, including email addresses.


Another Python library that provides an easy-to-use interface for scraping Instagram profile details, including email addresses.


While not specifically designed for Instagram, the search results indicate that the BeautifulSoup library can be used in conjunction with other tools for parsing HTML content and extracting data like emails from Instagram.


The Requests library is a popular choice for making HTTP requests, which is a crucial component of web scraping from Instagram.


The Scrapy framework is a powerful web scraping tool that can be used to extract data, including emails, from Instagram.


The Selenium library is mentioned in the search results as a way to automate browser interactions, which can be useful for scraping data from Instagram that requires user interaction.

Is scraping and collecting Instagram data legal?

Scraping public, non-private data from Instagram is generally considered legal, as long as it is done in a way that does not violate the platform's terms of service.

This includes data such as public posts, hashtags, location information, and other information that is available to anyone on the platform.However, scraping private user data or information that is not publicly accessible, such as direct messages, emails, or other personal information, is generally considered illegal without the user's consent.

This could potentially violate privacy laws and lead to legal consequences.Additionally, even when scraping public data, Instagram's terms of service explicitly prohibit "crawling, scraping, or caching any content from Instagram". So while it may be technically legal, it is against Instagram's policies and could result in account suspension or other penalties if detected.

Some specific cases where scraping social media data has led to legal trouble, such as Ticketmaster and LinkedIn examples.While scraping public data may be legal, it is still a legal gray area that requires caution and adherence to best practices to avoid potential issues.


By employing a well-thought-out strategy, utilizing suitable tools, and prioritizing user privacy, the task of extracting emails from Instagram can be accomplished. This article provides valuable guidance on the process, and there are further resources accessible to enhance your expertise in email scraping.

Moreover, the use of IP proxy has significant advantages in mail address crawling, such as enhancing privacy protection, improving crawling efficiency and avoiding access restrictions. We encourage readers to actively experiment with IP proxy services to optimize their own data scraping efforts.

Still curious or have questions about proxy-related topics? Feel free to reach out to us at support or connect with us through Telegram.

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