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Setting Up Proxy in Undetectable: A Step-by-Step Guide

Post Time: 2024-05-24 Update Time: 2024-05-24

Embark on a journey to digital liberation with the powerful alliance of GoProxy and Undetectable! GoProxy boasts a vast arsenal of over 90 million IP addresses across 200+ countries, while Undetectable offers cutting-edge anti-detection browser technology. Together, they empower you to take control of your online experience, enabling you to navigate the internet with unparalleled freedom.


What is Undetectable?

Undetectable Browser is a robust and user-friendly tool designed for managing multiple online identities with ease. It allows users to create numerous browser profiles, each equipped with trusted fingerprints recognized by anti-fraud systems. This browser is perfect for both privacy-conscious individuals and professionals who require multiple accounts for their operations. Here's what makes Undetectable stand out:

Unlimited Local Profiles & Customizable Fingerprints

  • Feature: Create an unlimited number of local browser profiles with customizable parameters such as WebGL, UserAgent, CPU cores, and memory.
  • Benefit: Local storage ensures privacy and allows for unlimited usage, while customizable fingerprints enhance anonymity by mimicking real devices, preventing detection from anti-fraud systems.

Cookies Bot & Proxy Support

  • Feature: Automatically collects cookies and warms up accounts, along with support for connecting, checking, importing, and configuring proxies within the browser.
  • Benefit: Gains trust from anti-fraud systems by simulating real user behavior, improving account credibility. Enhanced anonymity and location spoofing add an extra layer of security.

Mass Profile Management & Team Collaboration

  • Feature: Comprehensive tools for managing profiles, proxies, extensions, and configurations, plus over 30 features tailored for team use.
  • Benefit: Efficiently handle multiple profiles with bulk operations, filters, and settings adjustments, saving time and effort. Enhances collaboration by providing differentiated access and comprehensive management through a dedicated dashboard.

Local API and Automation

  • Feature: Offers a local API for profile management, launches, and closures, allowing seamless integration with other tools and scripts.
  • Benefit: Automates processes and improves workflow efficiency, making it easier to manage large-scale operations.


Installation Guide for Undetectable Browser

Undetectable Browser is compatible with Windows 10 and above, macOS M series, and Intel platforms. The installation process is straightforward, just follow these steps.

Step 1: Download Undetectable Browser

Go to the official Undetectable Browser website. Choose your operating system from the available options: Windows or macOS. Click on the download link for your chosen OS to start downloading the installer.

Step 2: Instal Undetectable Browser

Once the download is complete, run the installer file. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. After successful installation, you will be automatically directed to the main page of the app, ready to start using Undetectable Browser.


How to Set up a Proxy in Undetectable?

Step 1: Create a New Profile

Create a new profile by clicking on "New Profile".

Create a New Profile

Step 2: Create a New Proxy

Name your new profile. Go to the "Main" tab (icon with a person and a gear) and select "New proxy."Create a New Proxy

Step 3: Configure Proxy Information

Enter the proxy server details in the following format: Host : Port : Login : Password.

Configure Proxy Information

Whether you're a trial or paid customer, you'll receive your unique proxy credentials, which can be found on GoProxy's dashboard page.

- Example:

GoProxy Credentials

Step4: Test the Proxy

After completing all the necessary fields, click the "Check Proxy" button to verify the proxy server's functionality. If everything is in order, you will see your IP address and its location. After a successful test, click the "Create" button.

Test the Proxy

Step 5: Open Your Browser

Now that you've configured the proxy, simply click the "Open" button to start secure and anonymous browsing.

Open Your Browser



Undetectable Browser is a powerful anti-detection tool that offers a comprehensive suite of features for managing multiple online identities. From customizable fingerprints to robust automation tools and flexible storage options, it provides everything you need to maintain online anonymity and efficiently manage numerous accounts. Whether you're a privacy-conscious web surfer or a professional managing multiple profiles, Undetectable Browser is an excellent choice for ensuring security and efficiency in your online activities.

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