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Top 6 Best Proxies for Facebook in 2024: Free&Paid

Post Time: 2024-05-08 Update Time: 2024-05-28

In 2024, accessing Facebook can sometimes be a challenge due to various restrictions. Proxies offer a viable solution, acting as intermediaries that help you bypass these restrictions and gain access to Facebook seamlessly. This guide will walk you through the top 6 proxies for Facebook in 2024, providing detailed reviews and comparisons to help you find the best fit for your needs.


Why Do You Need Facebook Proxy?

Sometimes, you might find yourself unable to access Facebook due to restrictions. This "blocking" can happen for a few reasons:

  • Geographical Restrictions: Certain countries or regions might block access to Facebook entirely for various social or political reasons.
  • School or Workplace Restrictions: Schools and workplaces often restrict access to social media platforms like Facebook to minimize distractions and maintain productivity.
  • Network Restrictions: Some internet service providers (ISPs) might restrict access to specific websites, including Facebook, for bandwidth management or other reasons.

Facebook Blocked

These restrictions prevent users from directly accessing Facebook through their usual methods. This is where proxies come in, providing a way to bypass these blocks. When Facebook is blocked, a proxy server acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet. Here’s a closer look at how proxies work and the benefits they offer:

  • Redirection: A proxy server acts as a middleman between your device and the internet. When you try to access Facebook, instead of connecting directly to Facebook, you send your request to the proxy server.
  • Masking Your Identity: The proxy server then forwards your request to Facebook, but with a different IP address (like a disguise!). This masks your original location and makes it seem like you're accessing Facebook from a different place.
  • Data Relay: Facebook responds to the request sent by the proxy server. The proxy then receives that information and relays it back to your device, allowing you to see the content you requested.


Top 3 Paid Proxies for Facebook in 2024


GoProxy is a leading proxy service provider dedicated to offering premium proxy solutions to meet all your Facebook browsing needs. We boast a vast IP address pool, exceptional connection performance, and robust security measures to ensure an unparalleled Facebook experience.


    • Lightning-Fast Speed: Less than 0.6 seconds for rapid connections, ensuring smooth access to Facebook.
    • Stable Connection: 99.96% success rate guarantees seamless scrolling and minimal lag.
    • Global Coverage: Over 90 million real IP addresses across 200+ countries.
    • Flexible Ease of Use: Supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols, along with multiple configuration options, seamlessly adapting to your devices and browsers.
    • Premium Support: 24/7 dedicated technical support team is always ready to assist you and resolve any issues promptly.
    • Free Trial: Offer 100 MB data usage with a 7-day free trial duration.
Product Type Data Usage/Traffic Amount Free Trial Duration
Residential Proxy 100 MB 7 days
Static Residential Proxy Unlimited 1 day
Datacenter Proxy Unlimited 1 day



Renewal Inconvenience: No option to renew the current IP address easily; users must order a new IP and contact customer support to replace the old one.

Key Features

Aspect Details
IP Coverage 90M+ IP addresses in 200+ countries
Providers AT&T, Verizon, Comcast
Response Time < 0.6 seconds
Connection Stability 99.96% success rate
Protocols Supported HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5
Support 24/7 customer support
Free Trial Available, varies by proxy type
Pricing From $1.5/GB


Bright Data

Bright Data, formerly Luminati Networks, is an Israeli company offering web data collection solutions and proxy services primarily targeted towards businesses.


  • Global Coverage: Bright Data boasts targeting capabilities for specific countries, cities, zip codes, carriers, and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs).
  • High Uptime: The company claims a 99.99% uptime guarantee for its residential proxy network.
  • SSL Integration: Bright Data offers integration options with SSL certificates for secure connections.
  • Scalability: Users can reportedly run unlimited concurrent sessions for large-scale data collection tasks.
  • Customer Support: Bright Data provides 24/7 live human support, though user experience may vary.


  • Limited Free Trial: Free trials are only available to registered companies, excluding individual users.
  • Too Expensive: Personal plans: $10/GB for a 1GB package.


Smartproxy is a proxy service provider offering a premium residential proxy network. It caters to various user needs with features like a large IP pool, location targeting, and support for multiple sessions.


  • Large IP Pool: Smartproxy boasts an extensive pool of ethically-sourced residential IPs exceeding 55 million.
  • Location Targeting: Users can target specific countries, cities, or even ZIP codes for their proxy connections.
  • Scalability: Smartproxy allows for unlimited concurrent sessions, enabling users to manage multiple connections simultaneously.
  • Session Control: The service offers both rotating and sticky sessions, providing flexibility in managing IP addresses.
  • Technical Support: Smartproxy provides 24/7 technical support to assist users with any technical issues.


Limited Functionality with SOCKS5: User reviews indicate potential compatibility issues with SOCKS5 protocol and browser extensions. While extensions may work for HTTPS connections, accessing other websites through SOCKS5 with extensions might be restricted.


  • Free trial limited to companies.
  • 14-day money-back option.
  • Pay as you go: $7/GB.
  • Personal plans: $6/GB for a 2GB package.


Top 3 Free Proxies for Facebook in 2024

For individuals with modest data requirements, free Facebook proxy sites can be an attractive option. Here, we explore three prominent free proxy providers specifically catering to Facebook access:


Blockaway Proxy offers a straightforward and user-friendly solution for accessing Facebook through proxies at no cost. With Blockaway, users can bypass Facebook restrictions and access the platform anonymously.

  • Effortless Setup: Blockaway's user-friendly interface streamlines the process of setting up proxies for Facebook, making it ideal for beginners.
  • Unrestricted Access: Blockaway boasts "No Usage Limits," allowing users to bypass Facebook restrictions and enjoy uncapped access to the platform without data limitations.

Nebula Proxy

Nebula Proxy is a free, open-source web proxy service for ensuring internet freedom and privacy. It offers users a way to access content securely and anonymously, especially in regions where internet censorship is prevalent.

  • Diverse Proxy Pool: Nebula Proxy maintains a diverse pool of proxy servers, allowing users to rotate IP addresses and avoid detection.
  • Speed and Stability: Despite being a free service, Nebula Proxy prioritizes speed and stability. Users can expect smooth Facebook browsing and interactions, even without a premium subscription.

Plain Proxy

Plain Proxy is another popular choice among individuals seeking free Facebook proxies with reliable performance. Plain Proxy offers a range of proxy servers across different locations, providing users with flexibility and anonymity.

  • Global Reach: Plain Proxy offers a vast network of proxy servers strategically located across various regions. This geographical diversity empowers users to choose locations for optimal anonymity and access.
  • Solid Performance: Plain Proxy prioritizes reliability, ensuring users experience consistent and dependable connections for Facebook browsing.

Important Note: It is crucial to acknowledge that free proxy services often come with limitations, including potential security risks due to shared IP addresses and lower overall performance compared to premium options.


Free vs. Paid Proxies

Feature Free Proxies Paid Proxies
Cost Free Subscription fee
Setup Easy, minimal knowledge May require technical knowledge
Security Risk of malware and data theft High security with encryption
Connection Often unencrypted, data exposed Encrypted, secure
Performance Slow, laggy, frequent disconnections Fast, smooth, reliable
Availability & Reliability Unreliable, constantly changing High uptime, consistent access
Support None Customer support available
Terms of Service May violate Facebook or ISP terms Less likely to violate terms if used responsibly


Free Proxies


  • Cost-Effective: Completely free, with numerous free proxy lists available online.
  • Quick Access: Easy to set up with minimal technical knowledge required.


  • Security Risks: Often unregulated and can be breeding grounds for malware. Malicious actors might use them to infect your device with viruses, spyware, or steal your personal information like login credentials or browsing history.
  • Unencrypted Connections: Lack encryption, leaving your data exposed and vulnerable to interception by anyone monitoring the network traffic.
  • Performance Issues: Often overloaded with users, leading to slow connection speeds, lagging, and frequent disconnections.
  • Reliability Issues: Free proxy lists are constantly changing, with many servers being unreliable or quickly blocked by Facebook. Hard to find a consistently working one.
  • Terms of Service Violations: Using free proxies may violate the terms of service of Facebook or your ISP.

Paid Proxies


  • Enhanced Security: High level of security with encryption and reliable infrastructure, reducing the risk of malware and data breaches.
  • Improved Performance: Fewer users and better bandwidth ensure faster connections and smoother browsing.
  • Greater Reliability: Wide selection of servers with higher uptime, ensuring consistent access to Facebook.
  • Customer Support: Access to customer support for assistance with any issues.


  • Cost: Requires a subscription fee, which can range from a few dollars to tens of dollars per month.
  • Setup Complexity: Some paid proxies may require more technical knowledge to set up, though most reputable services provide user-friendly instructions or software.


How to Choose the Best Proxy for Facebook?

What do you use Facebook for?

Browsing, managing multiple accounts, data scraping? Different uses have different proxy requirements.

  • Residential Proxies: Offer the most natural browsing experience mimicking real user traffic. Ideal for bypassing geo-restrictions and managing multiple accounts. However, they can be more expensive.
  • Datacenter Proxies: Faster and often cheaper than residential proxies, but may be flagged by Facebook due to their origin in data centers. Suitable for basic browsing or tasks where IP origin isn't critical.

Key Features to Consider:

  • IP Pool Size and Location: A large pool with diverse locations allows for better targeting and avoids getting blocked.
  • Speed and Performance: Prioritize proxies with low response times and high uptime guarantees for uninterrupted browsing.
  • Reliability and Security: Stable connections and robust security features like data encryption are essential for protecting your privacy.
  • Concurrent Sessions: If managing multiple accounts, ensure the proxy allows enough simultaneous connections.
  • Session Management: Choose between rotating or sticky sessions depending on your need for anonymity or maintaining the same IP during a session.
  • Supported Protocols: Ensure the proxy supports HTTP/HTTPS and consider SOCKS5 if needed for specific use cases.
  • Customer Support: Reliable and responsive customer support is valuable for troubleshooting any issues.

Additional Considerations:

  • Free Trials: Many proxy services offer free trials to test their performance before committing.
  • Ease of Use: Look for user-friendly interfaces and clear instructions for setup and configuration.
  • Budget: Consider features, data allowance, and subscription options to find the best value for your needs.

Remember: Even with paid proxies, there's no guarantee that Facebook won't eventually detect and block them. It's always best to use proxies responsibly and ethically, understanding the potential limitations and risks involved.



Now you're armed with the knowledge to navigate the world of proxies and unblock Facebook with ease. While free proxies may seem like a convenient option, they often come with limitations such as slow speeds and unreliable connections.

Paid proxies, like GoProxy, offer more reliable performance and better security features, making them a more suitable choice for accessing Facebook. By selecting the right proxy, you can enjoy uninterrupted access to Facebook and stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues around the world.

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