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Which one is more suitable for web scraping? Residential Proxies or Static Residential Proxies?

the most suitable proxy for web scraping


When performing web scraping, the type of proxy used can significantly impact success rates, anonymity and legality. This article compares Residential Proxies vs Static Residential Proxies to determine which better enables privacy-conscious web data collection.

Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies are ideal for long-term scraping projects. Residential network masks your true IP across thousands of randomized households worldwide. Goproxy have over 90M+ real IP addresses for customers to do long-term scraping projects. You don't need to worry about being blocked by websites. By constantly switching IPs with each new request, your scraper blends into regular user traffic undetectably over unlimited scraping sessions - no bot detection!

Static Residential Proxies

While static proxies maintain session continuity, over time your single fixed IP may stand out, especially at high volumes. Compared to GoProxy's rapid residential rotations, static options compromise your anonymity with potential blocking.

GoProxy Residential Proxies empower privacy-centric scraping at scale. No other provider disguises scrapers as seamlessly within the protections of real user IPs. Their ability to fluidly shift scraping locations without limit means you efficiently extract vast datasets for research - all while fully respecting site policies. Trust GoProxy to covertly acquire the insights you need from any site, big or small, domestic or international. Purchase a package today and harness the power of invisible scraping!

By selecting GoProxy, you can safely and legally gather global data uninhibited. Our proxies expertly shield your identity for privacy while scraping succeeds hassle-free. What are you waiting for? Start scraping like a ghost with Residential Proxies from GoProxy! If you have any further questions regarding the usage of Residential Proxies or sales intelligence, please feel free to contact our customer service team on our website: We are dedicated to assisting.

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