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Residential Proxies Pricing

Budget-friendly Rotating IPs. Choose Your Plan for Seamless Proxy Access
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$4.99 /GB $7

for 1st month

$7$6 per month after

29% off
$5.4 /GB $7

for 1st month

$7$6 per month after

23% off
$5 /GB $7

for 1st month

$7$5.5 per month after

29% off
$3.8 /GB $7

for 1st month

$7$4.4 per month after

46% off
$3.4 /GB $7

for 1st month

$7$4.2 per month after

51% off
$2.98 /GB $7

for 1st month

$7$4 per month after

57% off
$2 /GB $7

for 1st month

$7$3 per month after

71% off
$1.8 /GB $7

for 1st month

$7$2.2 per month after

74% off
$1.5 /GB $7

for 1st month

$7$2 per month after

79% off
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Why choose GoProxy residential proxies?

90 millions + IPs

Easily access to more than 90 million IP addresses from 200+ locations with our residential proxy plan.

Flexible Rotation Options

Empower customers to easily switch between auto-rotate and sticky sessions as needed, supporting HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols.

Free Geo-Targeting

Target any nation in the world at no extra cost (including cities and states).

Unlimited Connection Sessions

Create an unlimited number of concurrent sessions - no limits, no restriction.

Never get blocked

GoProxy from Real IP addresses ensure that never get blocked or detected.

Popular Use Cases

Web Scraping

Gather online data with our high-quality proxies, generating valuable insights from anywhere in the world.

Multi-accounting Management

Seamlessly create and manage multiple social media, eCommerce, and other profiles without encountering flags or restrictions.

Market Research

Empower your business with proxies to gain deeper market insights, spot lucrative opportunities, and optimize current practices and strategies.

SEO Monitoring

Improve SEO strategies with accurate keyword tracking. Utilize residential proxies to access search engine results from various locations, facilitating SEO ranking analysis.

Ad Verification

Enhance your conversion rates with proxies that safeguard your brand and ensure your advertisements reach your intended audience.

Social Media

Manage multiple social media accounts effectively. Securely automate posts and interactions while accessing global content with our residential proxies.

Proxy Pricing FAQ

How does GoProxy bill?

Does the service fee include additional charges?

What happens if I purchase a GoProxy plan in the middle of the month?

What if my data usage is over the plan limit?

If my usage in a given month is less than my minimum account commitment, will my left data be transferred to the next month?

Does GoProxy support the "auto-renewal" function? How to set it?

Can I purchase proxies via a credit card/virtual currency?

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