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Static Residential Proxies Pricing

Boost Online Security with Cost-Effective Static Residential Proxies.
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  1. Real residential IPs
  2. Highest stability
  3. Unlimited traffic and bandwidth

Why choose GoProxy Static Residential Proxies

Real IP addresses

Static residential proxies use a real residential IP address that doesn't automatically change with each session.

Highest stability

Benefit from a stable level of reliability with our static residential proxies, ensuring a seamless online experience for all your tasks.

Unlimited Traffic and Bandwidth

Unlimited traffic and bandwidth, hassle-free pricing based on proxy quantity. Browse, stream, scrape, and automate without limits at GoProxy.

No IP blocking

Benefit from the stability of genuine ISP IP addresses. Buy a residential proxy that will effectively stop attempts to block your proxy traffic.

Up to 99.99% uptime

One of the most stable and reliable proxies available is GoProxy' static residential proxies, which boast a high uptime.

Popular Use Cases

Account Management

Reliable for account management, ensuring stability in social media tasks, data collection, registration, and remote work. Enhances privacy and security for secure operations.

E-commerce Strategy

Utilize public e-commerce data to enhance competitive insights and gain a deeper understanding of the e-commerce landscape.

Brand Protection

Protect your brand's online presence by monitoring and safeguarding intellectual property rights and trademarks across the web. Act swiftly against unauthorized usage to uphold your brand's reputation.

SEO & SERPS Tracking

Conduct SERP analysis, rank monitoring, keyword research, and competitive intelligence to optimize your website's SEO strategies.

Proxy Pricing FAQ

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If my purchased IP is with problem, what should I do?

What's the difference between Residential Proxies, Static Residential Proxies, and Datacenter Proxies? Which one should I choose?

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