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What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy network is a network of proxies featuring authentic IP addresses, generously supplied by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These IPs are accurately tied to physical locations worldwide, down to the country or city level. Our residential proxy network stands out due to its remarkable efficiency and resilience against blocks, making it ideal for streamlined public data collection.

Real IP addresses

Dynamic residential IPs provide a high level of anonymity, making it challenging for websites to identify users as proxy server users.

Precise targeting

Explore Global Locations: Easily select proxies from any specific country, state, or city – all at no additional cost.

Wide Applications

Dynamic residential proxies are suitable for a variety of online activities, including web scraping, data mining, SEO Monitoring,and ad verification.

Why choose GoProxy residential IPs

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Real residential IPs from worldwide

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Web Scraping

Effortlessly gather online data with our high-quality proxies, avoiding blocks and breezing through verifications. Streamline web scraping for efficient data retrieval.

Data Security

Shield your online activities with our residential proxies. Encrypt your data, ensuring confidentiality and data integrity, whether browsing, shopping, or communicating.

Market Research

Enhance market analysis with our versatile proxies. Obtain geographically diverse data, enabling in-depth market insights, competitor analysis, and trend tracking.

SEO Optimization

Improve SEO strategies with accurate keyword tracking. Utilize residential proxies to access search engine results from various locations, facilitating SEO ranking analysis.

Ad Verification

Ensure your advertisements are displayed correctly and in the right locations. Use residential proxies to validate ad placements and verify campaign performance.

Social Media

Manage multiple social media accounts effectively. Securely automate posts and interactions while accessing global content with our residential proxies.

Residental Proxies Pricing

Budget-friendly Rotating IPs. Choose Your Plan for Seamless Proxy Access
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$4.99 /GB $18
Total Price $4.99
Billing Cycle Monthly
72% off


$6.4 /GB $18
Total Price $32.00
Billing Cycle Monthly
64% off


$5.4 /GB $15
Total Price $54.00
Billing Cycle Monthly
64% off


$4.2 /GB $12
Total Price $105.00
Billing Cycle Monthly
65% off


$3.5 /GB $10
Total Price $175.00
Billing Cycle Monthly
65% off


$2.8 /GB $8
Total Price $280.00
Billing Cycle Monthly
65% off

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