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The Ultimate Guide to Unlimited Bandwidth Residential Proxies

Post Time: 2024-01-28 Update Time: 2024-05-14

Residential proxies are currently one of the most popular types of proxies available, offering superior privacy and top-level security. Unmetered residential proxies further enhance the user's Internet experience by combining the best features of residential proxies with unlimited high-speed bandwidth. For those seeking proxy solutions, unmetered residential proxies are an enticing option.


What are Unlimited Bandwidth Residential Proxies?

Unlimited bandwidth proxies, also known as unmetered proxies, offer unbounded access to data transfer capacity, setting them apart from other residential proxy providers that may charge by gigabyte, impose strict monthly transfer limits, or require long-term contracts. Unlimited residential proxies allow you to utilize as many IP addresses as needed within your purchase plan's timeframe. There are no restrictions on the number of IP addresses or traffic usage.

This type of proxy server allows for an unrestricted amount of data to be transferred, ensuring users don't need to worry about exceeding data usage limits. The advantage of having no restrictions on data transfer is particularly beneficial for applications or businesses, offering them greater freedom and flexibility to adapt to various needs and scenarios.

With the ability to send out a high volume of requests to target servers without the risk of being blocked or restricted, unlimited bandwidth proxies are ideal for extensive operations, including big data scraping and information extraction projects.


Benefits of Using an Unlimited Residential Proxy

Accelerate Internet Speed

By overcoming geographical restrictions and avoiding network throttling, individuals can enjoy faster internet speeds and access content that might be unavailable in their region. The ability to make multiple simultaneous requests through unlimited connections significantly enhances data collection capabilities, thereby reducing the time required for executing large-scale operations.

Unlimited Traffic and IP Variety

Users benefit from unlimited bandwidth and a wide range of IP addresses, facilitating smooth operations in data-intensive activities such as streaming, downloading large files, and conducting extensive web research. The ability to transfer substantial amounts of data without worrying about bandwidth limitations makes it well-suited for users engaged in data-heavy endeavors.

Enhanced Anonymity

Residential proxies provide genuine residential IP addresses, ensuring anonymity and bypassing IP blocking mechanisms employed by websites.By obfuscating your true IP address and encrypting internet traffic, unlimited residential proxies safeguard your data and online presence against hackers and other cyber threats.

Cost Predictability

With unlimited bandwidth proxies, you pay a fixed fee regardless of the amount of data transferred, making budgeting and cost planning more straightforward compared to "pay-per-gigabyte" pricing models.


How to Choose An Unlimited Bandwidth Residential Proxy?

IP Pool Size and Locations

Look for providers with a large IP pool size (e.g., 2M+ IPs) covering a wide range of geographical locations.This ensures you have access to a diverse set of residential IP addresses to bypass geo-restrictions.

Bandwidth Commitment

Ensure the provider explicitly offers unlimited bandwidth without any hidden restrictions or throttling.While some providers claim to offer "unlimited bandwidth" residential proxies, the reality is they often limit the number of concurrent connections or speed instead of truly providing unlimited bandwidth.Verify if the unlimited bandwidth applies to both download and upload speeds.

Pricing and Billing Model

Understand the pricing structure, whether it's based on the number of ports, bandwidth usage, or a flat rate.Look for providers that offer flexible plans and a free trial or money-back guarantee to test the service.


GoProxy Unlimited Residential Proxies

Unlike traditional residential proxies with data caps, GoProxy provides truly unlimited bandwidth. Download large files, stream high-definition videos, or engage in data scraping activities – all without worrying about exceeding limits or incurring extra charges.

Whether you're a data enthusiast, a content creator, or simply someone who demands unhindered access to online resources, GoProxy's unlimited bandwidth empowers you to do more.

Stay Anonymous, Stay Secure

GoProxy assigns you a consistent, trusted ISP IP address, effectively masking your real IP and safeguarding your digital identity. Browse anonymously with the confidence of knowing your online activity remains private. Our private proxy infrastructure ensures you never share resources with other users. This eliminates the risk of eavesdropping and maximizes the security of your online sessions.

Begin your journey with GoProxy by taking advantage of our risk-free 1-day Unlimited Bandwidth Free Trial. Discover the flexibility of our pricing plans, starting at just $1.5 per GB.

How to Set up GoProxy Unlimited Residential Proxies?

We provide tutorials for multiple plugins, guiding you step-by-step on how to configure proxies. You can choose from:


Differences between Unmetered Proxy & Unlimited Proxy

Billing Model

- Unmetered proxies have a pricing model where you pay for the IP address itself, not based on the amount of bandwidth used.
- Unlimited Proxies have a usage-based billing model, where the pricing is calculated based on bandwidth consumption, not the number of IP addresses.


- Unmetered proxies can have scalability issues, as the cost remains static regardless of usage. Users end up paying for unused threads/connections.
- Unlimited Proxies allow users to scale up and down their usage as needed, without being locked into a fixed cost structure.


- Unmetered proxies may suffer from performance issues due to potential overcrowding and abuse, as there are no restrictions on bandwidth usage.
- Unlimited Proxies are designed to maintain high performance and reliability, even with high usage, as the billing is based on actual bandwidth consumption.

Use Cases

- Unmetered proxies may not be suitable for data-intensive tasks like web scraping or e-commerce automation, where consistent performance is crucial.
- Unlimited Proxies are better suited for data-heavy applications and use cases that require high-volume, high-speed data collection without the risk of being blocked.



What are the Uses of Unlimited Residential Proxy?

The applications of unlimited residential proxy are diverse and versatile. Unlimited bandwidth residential proxies provide users with the ability to undertake large-scale projects, data-intensive tasks, and high-bandwidth activities such as video streaming without the concern of exceeding data limits or incurring overage fees. They are particularly well-suited for use cases including web scraping, market research, content localization, and privacy/security applications that demand high data throughput.

Can I Select Unlimited Residential Proxies from Specific Locations?

Certainly. Our Unlimited Residential Proxies offer the option to select proxies from specific locations, allowing you to choose IP addresses from particular cities or regions that best suit your requirements. This enables you to tailor your proxy selection to meet your precise needs.

Can I Get an Unlimited Residential Proxy Free Trial?

Yes, we offer free trials for all our proxies products, including our premium service with Unlimited Residential Proxies. To request a trial, please simply click the "Contact us" button on our website or just send us a message via customer support. You can also reach us at [email protected] or connect with us through Telegram/What's App/Skype. Please note that our free trial offers a 1-day Unlimited Bandwidth Free Trial, allowing you to experience the full capabilities of our service.

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