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Setting Up BitBrowser with GoProxy : A Step-by-Step Guide

Post Time: 2023-12-07 Update Time: 2024-05-31

Privacy-conscious users rejoice! GoProxy, a leader in anonymous proxy services, joins forces with BitBrowser, a champion in fingerprint browsers, to offer an unparalleled shield against online tracking.

This powerful partnership combines GoProxy's anonymizing proxy network with BitBrowser's unique fingerprint randomization technology. This synergy creates a robust defense system:

  • Cloaked IP Addresses: GoProxy's network of residential and datacenter proxies conceals your true IP address, making it virtually impossible to pinpoint your location.
  • Disguised Digital Fingerprints: BitBrowser's advanced fingerprinting technology masks your unique online identifiers, further anonymizing your browsing activity.

This combined solution allows you to navigate the web with complete anonymity from a single device. Dive into our comprehensive guide to learn how to set up a proxy in BitBrowser and unlock its full potential.


What is BitBrowser?

Effortless Multi-Account Management

Juggle multiple accounts across social media, email, and other platforms with ease. BitBrowser's virtual browser technology isolates each window, preventing account association and simplifying logins. No more constant switching – manage everything from one secure place.

Unbreakable Anonymity

Go beyond basic privacy. BitBrowser masks your true identity by simulating real user behavior and login environments. Customizable settings like time zones, languages, and locations further enhance your privacy shield.Additionally, BitBrowser prevents browsers from being linked or associated, thereby reducing the risk of third-party tracking and targeted advertising.

Advanced Anti-Detection

BitBrowser intelligently adapts to avoid detection by security algorithms. By emulating the typical login patterns and interactions of legitimate users, BitBrowser reduces the likelihood of detection by platforms that employ algorithms to identify suspicious or automated login attempts.

Teamwork Made Easy

BitBrowser empowers teams managing shared online accounts. User grouping, flexible account allocation, and real-time cloud synchronization streamline collaboration. Batch import/export functions and a user-friendly interface further boost workflow efficiency.

Independent Proxy IP

BitBrowser seamlessly integrates with proxy IP services like GoProxy, enabling users to effortlessly set and conceal their own proxy IP for each browser window, ensuring anonymous browsing.


How to Set up a Proxy in BitBrowser?

This guide walks you through configuring BitBrowser to utilize residential proxies from GoProxy for enhanced privacy and security while browsing the web.

Step 1: Download and Install BitBrowser

  • Visit the official BitBrowser website and download the software.
  • Locate the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install BitBrowser on your device.
  • Launch BitBrowser and log in to your account.

Step 2: Create a New Profile

Click the "Browser Profiles" button and then choose "Add."

Create a New Profile

Step 3: Configure Basic Settings

In the following window, fill in the basic information first, which includes: Name, Group, and Platform.

Configure Basic Settings

Step 3: Configure Proxy Settings

1. Locate the "Proxy" settings section. You'll see options to configure parameters like:

  • Proxy Method: Choose from Custom, Extract By API or Proxy Management.
  • Lookup Channel: Select your desired proxy provider from the integrated partner list.
  • Proxy Type: Specify the proxy type (HTTP, HTTPS or Socks5).
  • Protocol: Choose the protocol (likely IPv4 or IPv6).
  • Host, Port, Username, Password: Input your GoProxy Credentials for authentication.

Configure Proxy Settings

Whether you're a new user enjoying the Free 7-day Trial or a paying customer, accessing your unique proxy credentials is effortless. Simply visit your GoProxy dashboard, where all the necessary details are conveniently available, making the setup process straightforward and hassle-free.

The IP address and port will vary depending on the type of proxies you're using. Refer to the following table for detailed information.

Proxy Proxy type IP address Port
Residential Proxy HTTP or SOCKS5 30000
Static Residential Proxy HTTP or SOCKS5 a specific IP address (e.g, 62000
Datacenter Proxy HTTP or SOCKS5 a specific IP address (e.g, 62000


Step 4: Test the Proxy Connection

1. Click on "Check Proxy" to verify the connection functionality.Check Proxy

2. If the test fails and you receive a "Proxy check failed" message, such as "Proxy check failed, please ensure that the IP is valid and contact the provider if necessary," please double-check all proxy settings. Ensure they accurately match the credentials obtained from GoProxy. If the issue persists, contact us for further assistance.

Proxy check failed

3. Repeat the test until you see green IP information, providing your IP address, location, and time zone, indicating a successful connection.

successful connection

Step 5: Apply Your Settings

Once you've completed all the settings, simply click "Confirm" to apply them. Congratulations! You've successfully configured BitBrowser to utilize GoProxy residential proxies. Happy and secure browsing!



In conclusion, the integration of BitBrowser's fingerprinting technology into GoProxy's proxy network allows users to benefit from dual anonymity, effectively concealing their identities while browsing online. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily configure and optimize your proxy settings, ensuring a secure and efficient browsing experience.

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