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Fixing Instagram's Feedback Required Error: Causes & Prevention

Navigating the digital landscapes of social media platforms like Instagram can often be as thrilling as it is perplexing, especially when unexpected error messages pop up, disrupting our social interactions. One such puzzling notification is the "Feedback Required" error — a cryptic message that can leave many users scratching their heads.

Why does this error occur, and what does it signify? More importantly, how can one resolve it and prevent it from reappearing? This article delves into the roots of the "Feedback Required" error on Instagram, exploring its causes and providing a clear, step-by-step guide on how to fix it. By understanding the intricacies behind this issue, users can ensure a smoother, more enjoyable Instagram experience.


What does Feedback Required mean on Instagram?

The "Feedback Required" error on Instagram typically appears when the platform detects unusual activity on your account that seems to mimic automated, bot-like behaviors. This could involve using excessive hashtags, engaging in spam activities, or navigating through the platform too rapidly.

As a preventive measure to maintain the integrity of the platform and avoid spam, Instagram may temporarily block your IP address and impose limitations on your ability to use certain features such as posting, following, and unfollowing accounts. Essentially, this error serves as a temporary restriction, designed to reduce the load on Instagram's servers and curb suspicious activities.


Why do I encounter this error message?

Unusual or bot-like activity on the account

  • Posting too many hashtags (more than 30) or including too many mentions in your comments.
  • Engaging in spam-like behavior, such as rapid liking, commenting, or following.
  • Moving too quickly on the platform and performing actions at an unnatural pace.

Technical issues

  • Instagram's servers being down or experiencing problems.
  • Using an outdated version of the Instagram app.
  • Having a corrupted Instagram app installation.

IP address-related problems

  • Using a single IP address for multiple Instagram accounts, which can be detected as suspicious activity.
  • Excessive activity from a single IP address, which can trigger Instagram's anti-bot measures.

Automation tool usage

  • Improper configuration or use of automation tools, bots, or scripts that do not mimic natural human behavior on Instagram.


How to Fix Feedback Required error on Instagram?

Solution 1: Clear Data Cache

Clearing the Instagram cache can be a helpful solution for resolving the "feedback required" error. By removing temporary data and files stored by Instagram, this process can eliminate potential corruption issues that may lead to errors like feedback required Instagram login.

Solution 2: Reinstall the Instagram app

To fix the "Feedback Required" error on Instagram, uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store or App Store. This process can address issues related to corrupted app data, ensuring you have the most updated and stable version. Ensure your device meets the minimum version requirements: 1.0.5 for Android and 2.4 for iOS.

Solution 3: Using a Reliable Proxy Service

If your IP address has been temporarily blocked by Instagram due to suspicious activity, you can resolve this issue by changing your network or using a proxy service like GoProxy.

GoProxy is a premier proxy service provider based in Hong Kong, offering an extensive collection of over 90 million IP addresses across 200 countries. It supports the HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols, ensuring versatility and compatibility for various user needs.

By aggregating IP resources from top-tier ISPs like AT&T, Verizon, and Cogent Communications, GoProxy has established a robust proxy network that ensures high-quality service.

With flexible pricing options starting from $1.5 per GB, GoProxy provides affordability without compromising on quality. Use GoProxy to change your IP address and resolve the "Feedback Required" error on Instagram.

Solution 4: Wait

If previous solutions haven't worked or aren't suitable, you can try waiting it out. The "Feedback Required" error on Instagram is usually temporary and can resolve itself within 30 minutes to 24 hours. If you've encountered it multiple times, you may need to wait longer. If the error persists beyond this timeframe, you can try reporting the issue to Instagram. Shake your phone while you have the app open and select "Report a Problem" to describe the error.


How to Avoid Feedback Required Error?

Avoid repeatedly comment

We've all seen them – the repetitive comments flooding comment sections. Don't be that robot! Show some personality, craft unique responses, and make your interactions genuine.

Limit hashtags

Stick to 30 hashtags or less, keeping them relevant and engaging. Think quality over quantity.

Natural Pauses

Real people don't like, comment, and follow in a manic frenzy (unless they've just discovered cat videos). Program your bot with strategic pauses, mimicking the natural way users interact on Instagram.

Less is More

Imagine your average friend on Instagram. How many likes and follows do they realistically rack up in a day? Don't push your automation tool to superhuman levels. Keep the volume of actions realistic to avoid triggering the dreaded "spam alert."

Target the Tribe, Not the Trend

Imagine you're at a party. You wouldn't just chat up everyone in sight, right? Instead, you'd gravitate towards people who share your interests. Program your bot to do the same! Configure it to find posts that align with your niche, using relevant hashtags or keywords.

Use Proxies and IP Rotation

Employ a reputable proxy service, such as GoProxy, to conceal your real IP address and minimize the risk of detection by Instagram's algorithms. Rotate through multiple IP addresses using different proxies or by alternating between Wi-Fi and mobile data connections.


Common Login Issues and Error Messages on Instagram

Aside from the Feedback Required Error, you can get other unpleasant notifications on your Instagram account:

Open Proxy Error

"Open proxy Instagram" occurs when a user attempts to access Instagram through a proxy server. However, Instagram detects that the user's internet connection is unsecured or that the proxy server is incompatible. This triggers an error message stating that the IP address is flagged as an open proxy. Consequences may include limited access or temporary account suspension.

For more information on Open Proxy errors and how to resolve them, please refer to our article What is an Open Proxy Instagram Error?

Challenge Required

The "Challenge Required" error on Instagram is a security measure implemented by the platform to detect and prevent bot-like or suspicious activity, as well as to verify user identities, especially when logging in from new or unfamiliar devices or experiencing technical issues.



So there you have it! As we've explored, this error often stems from activities that Instagram's algorithms might interpret as unusual or automated, but with the right practices and solutions, it can be effectively managed and avoided.

By following the troubleshooting steps outlined—from clearing your app's cache to wisely using proxies like GoProxy —and embracing more mindful social media habits, you can minimize disruptions and enhance your Instagram experience.

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