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How to Use Residential Proxies? Quick Guide (2024)

How to Use Residential Proxies? Quick Guide

A proxy is an intermediary which can mask users' original IP addresses and provide new IP addresses. With these new IP addresses, you can bypass IP bans and geo-restrictions while keeping absolute anonymity. Next, I'll tell you the most simple way to use residential poxies. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the essential information needed for a smooth start with GoProxy Residential Proxies



 1.  Head to GoProxy and Sign In 

To begin with Residential Proxies, head to GoProxy and register an account.

The GoProxy's registration page.


When you finish registering, you'll be directed to the dashboard page. GoProxy offers both residential proxies and static residential proxies as your options. 

The GoProxy's dashboard page. 

Then, you can choose to get a free trial or you can purchase a subscription depending on your needs. 


 2.  Get a Free Trial


Every new users can receive our trial package - a 7-day free trial. To get it, you are supposed to click "Get Proxies". Then you can see the picture as shown. Select the trial package and click the "Get Now" below. 

The picture of how to get the free trial package.


If nothing is wrong, a new window pops out. Activate Now and you'll get it successfully. 

The new window of ensuring.

However, if you are unable to successfully receive the trial package after registration, please contact our support team to get it. 


 3.  Receive Your Proxy Credentials


Whether you are a free trial customer or a paid customer, you will get your own proxy credential, including username, password, a proxy IP address and a port to use for your connections. 

A simple introduction of username, password, proxy IP address and port so users can recognize them.

Through the above three steps, you have successfully obtained your exclusive proxy credentials. Then, let us know how to use them on your devices or apps. 


 4.  Configure Your Software or Devices


Regardless of the type of device you are using, you need to configure the proxy in your system Settings. First of all, find your Proxy function in the Network section. Then change your proxy model to manual and fill in the blanks of "Proxy IP address" and "Port". Don't forget to save.  

In this pictuce, you can exactly know how to fill these blanks.


What's more, if you choose the "Username:Password" Authentication method, you will be asked for your Username and Password when sending a request. Just insert both of them into your GoProxy endpoint or proxy generator, and all the work will be done. 

You can learn more details by clicking on the following categories.

Android Setup Guide    IPhone Setup Guide

Browser Setup Guide    PC Setup Guide

As long as successful, you will be able to access the previously blocked website/app correctly, and your IP address will be switched to the proxy IP used. You can check your IP address. 


5.  Response Codes


Here are some common error types that can occur if the application is not successful. 

Some common error types that can occur if the application is not successful.

If you are confused of these problems or encounter any other response code, please contact our 24/7 support team for help. 


 6.  Start Using the Proxies


Once everything is set up and working properly, you can start using the residential proxies for web scraping, sneaker bots, social media management, ad verification, or any other use case.

Remember to adhere to the terms of service of the proxy provider, as misuse of residential proxies can lead to limitations, bans, or account suspension. 

If your account is blocked in error or you experience other product-related issues, contact us at any time. 



 7.  FAQs


 ● What services can I get during the trial period?

There is no difference in functionality between the trial version and the full version.

However, we set a data limit of 100MB and an available period of 7 days for the free trial. This means that if you have reached the limit of 100MB during the trial period, you cannot continue to use it. Similarly, if you use it for more than 7 days, even if your data usage has not reached 100MB, it will no longer be available. 

 ● What happens if I finish my 7-day trial? 

Once the trial period has ended, your residential permissions will be disabled for usage until you purchase a plan, or you can contact our support team to apply for an extension for your trial period. 

 ● What are the technical requirements to start using Residential Proxies?

You can see the minimum technical requirements in the list below:

Servers to make requests from

A web scraper and target URLs

A parser to extract the data you need

A database or storage solution

 ● Is using a proxy server illegal?

The use of a proxy server itself is not illegal in most countries and regions. However, using it for illicit activities like hacking, illegal file sharing, or violating terms of service of networks can make it illegal.

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