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Explore GoProxy: Your Premier Proxy Service Provider

Based in Hong Kong, GoProxy stands out as a premier provider of high-quality proxy services, catering to both individual and business needs with unparalleled ease and flexibility.

By aggregating diverse IP resources from leading Internet Service Providers like AT&T, Verizon, and Cogent Communications, GoProxy has crafted an extensive network boasting over 90 million IPs. This vast array not only breaks down geo-restrictions but also ensures users can access content seamlessly across more than 200 countries.

Whether you're looking to enhance your online experience or require robust digital solutions, GoProxy provides secure, reliable, and high-performance proxy services tailored to meet a wide array of needs.

What Products Does GoProxy Provide?

Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies

GoProxy's Residential Proxies are ideal for large-scale web scraping and price monitoring, offering high anonymity with rotating IP addresses from real internet service providers. This allows for efficient data collection without the risk of IP blocks, making them perfect for robust data scraping tasks.

Static Residential Proxies

Static Residential Proxies

If your activities require a stable IP address, such as for managing multiple accounts, our Static Residential Proxies combine the reliability of residential IPs with the consistency of datacenter proxies. They maintain the same IP address over extended periods, providing the necessary stability for complex operations.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter Proxies

For tasks that demand high-speed data access, such as rapid web scraping, Datacenter Proxies are the optimal choice. Though some datacenter IPs may be blacklisted on highly secure sites, they are exceptionally effective for scraping sites with lower security measures, offering superior speed and efficiency.

Customized Web Scraping Solution

Beyond standard proxy services, GoProxy excels in tailored web scraping solutions. Whether you need custom scripts, optimization of existing scripts, or direct dataset provision, our team is ready to craft a solution that meets your specific requirements. For personalized service, contact our sales team, who are eager to assist you with your unique challenges.

Why Choose GoProxy?

GoProxy Features

  • Comprehensive Geo-Location Coverage: Access to over 200 countries ensures that users can easily navigate geo-restricted content.
  • High-Quality Service: With a remarkable success rate of 99.96%, GoProxy guarantees top-notch performance.
  • Lightning-Fast Response Time: With a response time of less than 0.6 seconds, GoProxy ensures seamless and efficient browsing.
  • Reliable Network Uptime: With a network uptime of 99.9%, GoProxy provides uninterrupted access to online content.
  • Precise Targeting: GoProxy allows for precise targeting at the country, state, and city levels, enhancing user experience and data accuracy.
  • Unlimited Concurrent Sessions: Users can enjoy unlimited concurrent sessions, ensuring seamless browsing and data access.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Starting from just 1GB, GoProxy offers flexible pricing plans that cater to the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Whether you require precise geo-targeting, lightning-fast speeds, or reliable network uptime, GoProxy delivers on all fronts, making it the preferred choice for users seeking a premium proxy service.

Free Trial

GoProxy offers a 7-day free trial for their residential proxies, allowing users to experience the full features of GoProxy's residential proxy service at no cost.

During the free trial period, users have access to all features and functionalities of GoProxy's residential proxies without any limitations. This provides an excellent opportunity to test the service and determine its suitability for your needs before committing to a paid plan, which starts at $1.5/GB.

If you decide to continue using GoProxy's residential proxy service after the free trial period ends, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan by ordering directly or contacting our support team.

Please note that the free trial durations and data usage limits may vary for different types of proxies. Refer to the table below for specific details:

Product Type Data Usage/Traffic Amount Free Trial Duration
Residential Proxy 100 MB 7 days
Static Residential Proxy Unlimited 1 day
Datacenter Proxy Unlimited 1 day

Detailed Help Center

GoProxy Help Center offers a comprehensive repository of articles, FAQs, guides, and tutorials to quickly assist our users in getting started. Find everything you need to know about using proxies in our Help Center.

help center

Exclusive Account Manager

GoProxy provides each user with an exclusive account manager, you can check and contact your own account manager in your dashboard. Our team is composed of a group of experienced experts in the proxy and related industries. The majority of our team members have 3-5 years of relevant industry experience, with the longest tenure being nearly 10 years in the related field. So most of the issues you encounter are just a piece of cake for us.

Extensive Partnership Network

GoProxy is dedicated to providing users with additional support. We strive to find a variety of suitable and reliable partners based on users' needs, such as Web Scraping, Multi-Account Management, Digital Marketing, SEO&SERP and Ads Verification, helping them tackle business challenges and drive digital growth together.


Client Reviews

GoProxy has earned an impressive 4.1-star rating on Trustpilot, reflecting the satisfaction of its clientele. Customers have particularly praised the company's exceptional customer support team, budget-friendly plans, and superior performance.

One customer commended the team for their dedication in finding a solution for their specific needs, even offering custom settings. When it became clear that the solution wouldn't work, GoProxy provided a full refund, showcasing their courteous and honest approach to customer service.

Another review highlighted GoProxy as the best proxy service currently available on the market, emphasizing its distinction from resold proxies.

Furthermore, numerous clients have lauded GoProxy's invaluable assistance in smoothly executing web scraping and other business operations, emphasizing its seamless functionality.

GoProxy Pricing Plans

Residential Proxies Pricing

GoProxy offers flexible pricing plans, beginning at 1GB for its services. While the initial price of the 1GB plan is impressively low at just $4.99 /GB, choosing a larger number of GB results in better volume discounts.

Data Usage 1GB 10GB 50GB 100GB 250GB 500GB 1TB
Price Per GB $4.99/GB $5.4/GB $3.56/GB $2.98/GB $2/GB $1.8/GB $1.5/GB


Static Residential Proxies Pricing

GoProxy distinguishes itself by offering single IP sales, providing unparalleled flexibility. With customizable plans, you can order as few as one proxy from any location for your preferred duration, spanning 30, 60, and 90 days. This allows for precise control over your proxy usage and costs.

The high-speed static residential IP proxies, featuring unlimited bandwidth, seamlessly enable access to streaming platforms while effortlessly bypassing geographic restrictions. GoProxy's unlimited residential proxies are dedicated, guaranteeing no traffic restrictions and affording you maximum freedom in your online endeavors.

  7 Days 30 Days 90 Days
New York, United States $2.64/IP $3.9/IP $11.58/IP
London, Britain $2.64/IP $3.9/IP $11.58/IP
Bangkok, Thailand $2.64/IP $3.9/IP $11.58/IP
Sydney, Australia $3.53/IP $5.2/IP $15.44/IP
Singapore $4.24/IP $6.25/IP $18.56/IP
Los Angeles, United States $4.4/IP $6.5/IP $19.31/IP
Berlin, Germany $4.41/IP $6.5/IP $19.31/IP
California, United States $4.66/IP $6.88/IP $20.42/IP
Sao Paulo, Brazil $4.66/IP $6.88/IP $20.42/IP
Paris, France $5.09/IP $7.5/IP $22.28/IP


Datacenter Proxies Pricing

GoProxy offers three subscription options for datacenter proxies: 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day plans. These plans are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor not only the duration but also the location and quantity of proxies, starting from just 1 IP. Despite the package you choose, you receive unlimited data and a dedicated IP, ensuring consistent performance.

  7 Days 30 Days 90 Days
New York, United States $4.2/IP $6.9/IP $20.5/IP
Singapore $4.2/IP $6.9/IP $20.5/IP
Toronto, Canada $4.2/IP $6.9/IP $20.5/IP
Queretaro, Mexico $4.2/IP $6.9/IP $20.5/IP
Paris, France $4.2/IP $6.9/IP $22.28/IP
California, United States $4.66/IP $6.88/IP $20.42/IP
Warszawa, Poland $4.66/IP $6.88/IP $20.42/IP
Frankfurt, Germany $5.1/IP $8.4/IP $25.1/IP
Sydney, Australia $5.1/IP $8.4/IP $25.1/IP


GoProxy stands out as a premier provider of high-quality proxy services, offering a diverse range of IP resources from top-tier Internet Service Providers. With over 90 million IPs across 200+ countries, GoProxy ensures easy access to geo-restricted content, providing users with a seamless, secure, and flexible online navigation experience.

  • Residential Proxies: Ideal for large-scale scraping with real IP addresses, offering high anonymity and smooth data gathering without IP blocks.
  • Static Residential Proxies: IFeaturing the same IP for a long time, perfect for multi-account management with no traffic restrictions.
  • Datacenter Proxies: IProviding higher speed than residential proxies, suitable for web scraping, with customizable plans for location, quantity, and duration.

Experience the power of GoProxy's proxy solutions by signing up for a free trial today. Discover unparalleled flexibility, reliability, and performance that will enhance your online activities. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your online experience to the next level with GoProxy.

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