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Transparent Proxy
Anything You Should Know About Transparent Proxy

 What is a (non-)Transparent Proxy?

A (non-)Transparent Proxy refers to a type of Forward Proxy that acts as an intermediary between client devices and the internet, with the goal of enhancing privacy, security, and control over internet traffic. GoProxy offers Residential Proxies, which are a type of non-transparent proxy.

● What are the differences between transparent proxies and non-transparent proxies?

Transparent Proxies and non-transparent proxies, such as GoProxy Residential Proxies, have distinct characteristics:

● Transparent Proxies: These proxies are generally configured at the network level and operate without the client's knowledge. They intercept and forward client requests but do not modify them. However, the client's IP address remains visible to the destination server, making it less suitable for activities requiring anonymity and privacy.

● Non-Transparent Proxies (GoProxy Residential Proxies): These proxies provide a higher level of anonymity and privacy. GoProxy Residential Proxies route client requests through residential IP addresses, making it appear as if the traffic is originating from regular users' home networks. This helps users bypass geo-restrictions, access region-specific content, and maintain anonymity.

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