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Ad Verification
Anything You Should Know About Ad Verification

 What is AD Verification?

Ad verification is a commonly used technique in the advertising industry to detect whether ads have been properly displayed to users or if there are any fraud activities. Advertisers need to understand if ads are correctly loaded and viewed in order to evaluate ad performance and ensure the validity of ad revenue.

● How does ad verification work?

Ad Verification employs various techniques and technologies to validate the performance and authenticity of online advertisements. This includes monitoring ad impressions, verifying ad placement on intended websites or platforms, detecting fraudulent activities like ad stacking, click fraud, or non-human traffic, and assessing the visibility of ads to real users.

● How can proxies be used to prevent ad fraud?

Using anonymous proxies can effectively prevent ad fraud as proxies can conceal users' real IP addresses and make it difficult for ad verification systems to accurately identify users. Some fraudsters may conduct duplicate clicks or fake page views through sophisticated means, while proxies break this relationship each time by using different IPs, making it harder to trace back to individuals. Therefore, browsing with high anonymous proxies can circumvent ad verification monitoring to a certain degree.

● What are the advantages of using proxies for ad verification?

Compared to direct connections, using proxies for ad verification provides some anonymity advantages. Firstly, as mentioned above, it can effectively prevent detection of certain fraud activities. Secondly, proxies offer a level of privacy protection by preventing advertisers from profiling users via IP or other information. 

Lastly, high anonymous proxies can better get around some IP-based ad filtering, allowing more ads to be properly served and bringing more revenue to advertisers. So in summary, using proxies can also be a method to enhance ad performance while still ensuring verification effectiveness.

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