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Price Monitoring
Anything You Should Know About Price Monitoring

 What is Price Monitoring?

Price monitoring is the process of actively tracking the price changes of specific products or items over time on e-commerce websites and online stores. The goal is to detect any decreases in price so opportunities for savings can be captured.

The Process of Price Monitoring includes:

1) Product Research

The first step is to identify the products or items you want to monitor prices for. This could be things on your shopping list you aren't ready to purchase yet.

2) Setting Up Price Alerts

Once you know the products, you set up price tracking on websites that support alert notifications. Many browser extensions can also monitor prices across sites.

3) Regular Price Checks

If alerts aren't supported, you'll need to manually check prices on a schedule, such as daily or weekly. This involves revisiting product pages to see current pricing.

4) Price Drop Detection

When an alert is triggered or your manual check finds a price decrease, it means the item you've been watching is now on sale or discounted.

5) Capitalizing on Savings

When a price you've been tracking reaches your target price point, it's time to make the purchase and benefit from the savings versus the original higher price.

6) Repeating the Process

You can continue monitoring other products you want to buy later on, hoping future price reductions will come around.

● How can proxies help to Price Monitoring?

Here are some ways proxies can help with price monitoring:

1) Anonymity - Using residential proxies makes your price checking appear as normal user traffic from different locations. This avoids getting detected and blocked as a bot by e-commerce sites.

2) Long-term Tracking - Proxies allow persistent tracking over weeks/months from rotating IPs. This would be impossible with a single IP due to bot blocking.

3) Multisite Monitoring - You can simultaneously check prices on multiple large sites from different IPs/locations without overloading any single address.

4) Circumvent Bans - If one IP gets banned for excessive requests, you have a pool of proxies to draw from so monitoring isn't interrupted.

5) HTTPS Support - Some proxies can decrypt HTTPS traffic, enabling monitoring of product pages over encrypted connections.

6) Browser Automation - With proxy support, you can write automated scripts/browser extensions to check prices seamlessly in the background.

7) Lower Detection Risks - Single user-like traffic via residential proxies blends in naturally and avoids suspicion versus direct/datacenter IPs with abnormal patterns.

8) Global Coverage - International proxies allow monitoring prices even on foreign sites restricted to local traffic without VPNs.

● Which proxy is most suitable for Price Monitoring?

If your goal is to perform stealthy, long-term price monitoring of products across multiple e-commerce sites, then our GoProxy Residential Proxies are the ideal solution.

As a price tracking service, detecting changes requires discreetly checking various product pages over extended periods. Commercial IP addresses associated with datacenters quickly get detected as bots and blocked by major sites.

Our Residential Proxies solve this issue by providing rotating residential IP addresses from regular homes and apartments globally. This mimics natural user behavior when visiting store pages - unlike direct connections that trigger bot filters.

With thousands of residential IPs to choose from, GoProxy ensures your checks aren't throttled by any single address getting banned. You can continuously monitor dozens of sites without interruption.

Plus, our global IP coverage allows checking international stores even outside your own region, providing a wider range of prices to benchmark against.

Aside from anonymity, Residential Proxies are optimized for browser automation. So our proxies integrate seamlessly whether you track manually or through price parsing scripts.

In summary, GoProxy Residential Proxies are the perfect enablers for your price tracking needs, empowering persistent yet covert monitoring that DATA yields accurate savings through price drops. Their residential nature avoids blocks for optimized results.

Our Residential Proxies are the best proxy solution for any service involved in automated price or data collection from retail websites. Contact our sales and support team on our website: for more information about GoProxy and its related products.

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