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Browser Fingerprint
Anything You Should Know About Browser Fingerprint

 What is Browser Fingerprint?

A browser fingerprint is a technique used by websites to uniquely identify browsers and devices based on technical attributes beyond cookies. Things like installed fonts, screen resolution, browser plug-ins etc create a unique fingerprint for each browser instance.

● Information gathered for a unique browser fingerprint.

○ User-Agent string

○ Accept-languages

○ Screen resolution

○ Installed fonts

○ Plug-ins

○ Operating system

○ Browser software/version

○ Device hardware configurations

● What are the advantages of browser fingerpinting?

It allows websites to uniquely recognize browsers without relying on cookies, which can be cleared. This helps track users across browsing sessions for analytics and ad targeting.

● What are the shortcuts of browser fingerprinting?

It risks violating user privacy through long term persistent tracking without consent even when clearing cookies/logs. Fingerprints are also not completely reliable due to changing configurations.

● How to protect against Browser Fingerprint?

Using privacy tools like anonymous browsers, anti-fingerprinting extensions and disabling non-essential features can make the browser less uniquely identifiable. Rotating fingerprint properties regularly and consenting to tracking also helps balance functionality with privacy.

In summary, browser fingerprinting enables analytics but should respect user privacy through transparency and preference management in the name of an open web experience for all.

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