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Anything You Should Know About Static Residential Proxy
Discover anything of Static Residential Proxies! Learn what they are and how to choose a provider.

Static Residential Proxy

Proxy servers are an essential component of internet networking and data security systems because they protect privacy, improve security, and facilitate easy access to online material. Among the several types of proxies accessible, one stands out for its dependability and consistency: the static residential proxy.

However, what precisely is a static residential proxy, and how does it differ from other proxy types? Let us go into the area of static residential proxies to better grasp their relevance and uses.

What does Proxy Server mean?

Before diving into the specifics of static residential proxies, it's essential to grasp the concept of proxies in general.

Essentially, proxies act as intermediaries between users and the internet, facilitating communication and data exchange. In the absence of a proxy, your computer or mobile device directly requests traffic from the web, as it would on a standard connection.

However, when you access the internet through a proxy server, your device sends requests to the proxy server, which then forwards them to the desired sites. And when websites send responses, they will go back to your devices through proxy as well. They are like conduits through which users can access online content while masking their true IP addresses.

What is a Static Residential Proxy?

Static means a state of constancy or immobility.

Static Residential Proxies, also known as static proxies or static IP proxies, provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), include the assignment of unalterable IP addresses that remain accessible to clients throughout the entirety of their rental period. They can help you hide your real IP address to access the target websites.

Unlike regular Datacenter proxies, static proxy services are not created by using virtual machines. So for most websites, these proxies, also known as sticky IP addresses, appear to be genuine consumers. Since most websites only perceive ordinary users browsing their services, the likelihood of static proxies being flagged as potential bots is significantly reduced.

Why should we use Static Residential Proxy?

You can regard Static Residential Proxies as the complement to Residential Proxies. When IP rotation is unavailable, you can try Static Residential Proxies. They can be used for websites that any change of location of IP will cause your IP blocked or banned.

In addition, static residential proxies have the following advantages.


Stemming from datacenter proxies, static proxies exhibit comparable speed to their counterparts. Typically hosted on virtual servers, static proxy IPs, which are often housed on virtual servers, possess excellent bandwidth and high-speed internet connections. And they are not shared among multiple users and are less likely to be overloaded.


Static residential proxies provide stable and reliable connections since they are assigned to a specific residential address and do not change. This ensures consistent performance and reduces the likelihood of being blocked or flagged by websites due to IP changes.GoProxy' static IP proxies are highly reliable, not only due to their assignment by an ISP but also because they originate from a trustworthy and proven source.

Low block rates

Combining the strengths of datacenter and residential proxies, static proxies benefit from both, typically encounter lower block rates, ensuring a consistently high uptime. Static residential proxies often have higher success rates in accessing websites, retrieving data, and completing tasks without encountering CAPTCHAs, blocks, or other obstacles.This is because they mimic genuine residential IP addresses, making it harder for websites to identify and block them as proxy traffic.

Enhanced Anonymity

Static residential proxies, as they are assigned by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), static IP proxies provide heightened anonymity and legitimacy. Therefore, by leveraging these proxies, users can significantly mitigate the risk of surveillance or tracking.

It is important to note that the mentioned benefits above typically do not apply to free static proxy lists, as they often lack certain features. As a general rule, valuable features are rarely available for free.

What are Static Residential Proxies used for?

Advertisement Verification

Granting the ability to perceive advertisements from specific countries, states, or cities, static proxies empower marketers to ensure precise messaging and imagery are delivered to the intended audience, leading to appropriate landing pages.

Network Penetration Attack Testing

ISO 27001 certifications need comprehensive network penetration tests. Static Residential Proxies facilitate testing procedures by providing the necessary volume, speed, and anonymity required for conducting effective penetration tests.

Social Media Account Management

Static residential proxies are the most dependable option for account administration, ensuring consistency for tasks such as social media management, data collecting, account registration, and distant work. Effectively manage multiple Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts from diverse geographical locations using static proxies.

Brand protection

Static residence proxies can be helpful with monitoring and protecting your intellectual property and trademarks. They can detect unauthorized use and protect your brand from abuse online, so you can take the necessary action to protect your brand's reputation.

Web scraping

Static residential proxies are often used for web scraping jobs that require stable and dependable IP addresses in order to collect information from websites without being blacklisted.

Sneaker copping

Static residential proxies are essential in sneaker copping bots because they allow users to get beyond anti-bot measures and boost their chances of successfully obtaining limited-edition sneakers online.

How to choose a Static Residential Proxy Provider?


Select a provider that offers reliable service with authentic IP addresses that are usually assigned for extended periods, reducing the risk of getting blocked and ensuring consistent performance. Ensure the provider offers encrypted connections to prevent IP leaks, which can compromise your identity and location, ensuring anonymity and security while browsing.


The reputation of the service provider is a very important consideration. Looking at reviews is the most intuitive and best way to determine if an agent provider is trustworthy. By looking at both high and low score reviews, you can see how users really feel about their use, both the good and the bad. Choose a company that offers high quality agents and a consistent service record.

Customer support

Check the provider's customer support quality, responsiveness, and availability, as well as any additional services they offer, like personalized integration support to assist you in setting up and using proxies effectively.When you encounter problems in use or technology, you can get the help of the service provider in the first time, and quickly deal with any difficulties or complaints.


In summary, static residential proxies offer a reliable and secure solution for users seeking consistent IP addresses with residential origins. Whether for web scraping, sneaker copping, or market research, static residential proxies provide a versatile tool for accessing online content while preserving privacy and anonymity.

By understanding the benefits, use cases, and considerations associated with static residential proxies, users can harness their full potential to enhance their online activities and achieve their objectives.

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